Meet Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in New 'Doctor Who' Teaser

New Doctor Who Season 11 keyart. (Photo: BBC)
New Doctor Who Season 11 keyart. (Photo: BBC)

The Doctor is in.

Finally, a year after it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would officially become the first female Doctor on Doctor Who, we have our first official footage of Thirteen.

We also get our first look at her three companions, played by Mandip Gil, Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh. We don’t really find out anything about them – except it does seem as though they’re strangers to one another – but their presence makes us all the more curious about who they’ll turn out to be. (And how the Doctor will find all of them.)

Watch for yourselves below:


This clip is the definition of a teaser, clocking in at only 40 seconds and featuring no dialogue. It doesn’t even feature anything you could call “real footage”, just glimpses of the new Doctor and each companion, along with some snazzy-looking onscreen graphics that may or may not hint that Thirteen has magical powers. (She doesn’t, obviously. It’s just a bit bizarre that the Doctor’s suddenly zipping around like she belongs on The Flash.)

And none of that matters at all.

The clip features a perfect tagline (“The universe is calling”) and a radiant Whittaker sporting a glowing, knowing grin. You can say what you want about the fact that Peter Capaldi’s Twelve was one of the Doctor’s grumpier incarnations, but it seems – instantly – that Whittaker’s Thirteen will be something very different. Maybe I’m reading a bit too much into this, given how utterly thrilled I am to see a woman play the Doctor after all this time, but there’s a certain undeniable joy in her expression that’s so exciting to see. 

The full Season 11 teaser trailer will mostly likely drop during Doctor Who’s panel at San Diego Comic Con this week, which is set to take place on Thursday, July 19. It will likely build on the tease seen here, but how much so we can’t say. (Three new people and a new Doctor is a LOT to properly introduce in something like two minutes, after all.)

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a premiere date, too? Anything could happen!

What do you think of this quick glimpse of Whittaker’s Doctor? Are you looking forward to properly meeting Thirteen?