David Suchet to Appear in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10

David Suchet as The Landlord (Photo: BBC)
David Suchet as The Landlord (Photo: BBC)

If you watch more than one British television show, then you probably know you’ll be seeing at the stars of one of them make an appearance on the other at some point. That joke about there being only ~12 working actors in all of the United Kingdom exists for a reason – seeing familiar faces pop up on other British properties is basically part of the fun of being a fan.

So, everyone should be pretty excited (but not that surprised) to learn that super popular actor David Suchet has booked a guest role in Doctor Who Season 10. Of course, in the grand tradition of Doctor Who, there are virtually no details available about Suchet’s character, other than the fact that he goes by the name of The Landlord and will appear in an episode written by playwright Mike Bartlett, who also penned the award-winning King Charles III.

Well, that, and the fact that I think we all know that people who have titles for names usually turn out to be something more than they initially appear to be. Just a hunch based on experience.

Given that Season 10 has only been filming a few weeks, very little is known about the next run featuring the Twelfth Doctor at all. Basically, there’s a new companion, and it’s Steven Moffat’s last year running the TARDIS. That’s kind of all we know. 

But, Suchet seems pretty excited about finally getting to do an episode of Doctor Who, which is kind of adorable: 

The BBC did release this official photo of Suchet’s Who debut, and the actor’s rocking a stylish-looking suit and carrying a rather large ring of keys: 

Doctor Who Season 10 is slated to air at some point in the Spring of 2017, following a Christmas Special installment later this year. So we have plenty of time to work on our speculation until then. 

 Will Suchet’s character be good? Bad? Lawful neutral? Is he secretly a Time Lord? No one knows, so take your best guess in the comments.