‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Trailer Features Missy, Monsters and Maisie Williams

Another awesome thing thanks to San Diego Comic Con – after months and months of waiting, we finally got our first look at the highly anticipated new season of Doctor Who. Stars Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez were on-hand at the show’s big Hall H panel to introduce the Season 9 trailer,

The clip, which features lots of action, danger and drama – as well as lots of monsters old and new – certainly maintains the darker tone that was a hallmark of Capaldi’s first season, though at least it looks like some of the conflict between Twelve and his Companion Clara has been worked out (or at least has died down).

Oh and Missy (the new female incarnation of the Doctor’s old friend/nemesis the Master) is definitely back, though the trailer is unclear about whether she’s on the side of the good guys this time around or not. Also, there’s a Dalek! (Yesss.)

Watch for yourselves below: 

Official Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer

The most exciting part of the trailer – at least for me, an avowed Game of Thrones enthusiast – is the appearance of Thrones star Maisie Williams, better known to many as young Arya Stark. Williams’ guest appearance in Season 9 has been rather hotly anticipated ever since it was announced a few months ago.  

Williams is slated to appear in two-part episode “The Girl Who Died”/”The Woman Who Lived”, but relatively little is known about the character she’ll be playing beyond the initial quote that she will “challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways.” Obviously, the internet is full of wild theories as a result of this, with fans predicting that Williams’ mystery character will turn out to be anyone from a regenerated version of the Doctor’s daughter Jenny (or some other distant Doctor relation in that vein) to another incarnation of River Song.

The new season of Doctor Who is slated to begin on September 19 on both sides of the pond. Woo hoo!

Are you looking forward to Who’s return? What do you want to see in Capaldi’s second season.