Watch: All Your Favorite British Actors Remake Classic American Films

It's a long running joke among anglophiles that British actors are positively taking over American film and television. Seriously, they're everywhere. Just take a look at this year's Oscar nominations, or turn your TV in the next few days (seriously, you'll trip over a Brit on some major network property within an hour or two).

Well, it appears that Vanity Fair also noticed this trend while putting together its 2015 Hollywood issue and, with the help of photographer Jason Bell, has created the ultimate tribute, in the form of a cheeky fake newsreel about Great Britain's war on Hollywood, which also re-imagines a bunch of your favorite classic American films remade with British actors. Spoiler alert: The whole thing is awesome. Really awesome. 

The short film is broken down into three parts, and features basically all your favorite British actors of the moment, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Keira Knightley, Natalie Dormer, James Corden, Jeremy Irons, Felicity Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kenneth Branagh and more. If you can think of a British actor working today, they're probably in this video. For real. 

The first clip, Preparing for War, features a lot of familiar British faces preparing themselves for the battle for Hollywood: 

Benedict Cumberbatch with Bloodhounds in Ep1 "Preparing for War" | Hollywood’s British Invasion

The second segment, entitled Coming to America, documents the British attempt to reach and infiltrate Hollywood. (Ruth Wilson and Orlando Bloom have the best bits, IMO.) 

Eddie Redmayne Frolics on a Bike in Ep2 “Coming to America“ | Hollywood’s British Invasion

The third clip,Victory is Assured, is by far the best of the lot - if you've only got time to watch one of these segments pick this one - features reenactments of key scenes from several classic American films. Cumberbatch jumps into a pond. Knightley does the Meg Ryan diner scene from When Harry Met Sally. Hiddleston and Jones do Bonnie and ClydeGame of Thrones stars Richard Madden and Sophie Turner do classic lines from Gone with the Wind and Jaws, respectively. And more. A whole lot more. 

Keira Knightley Gets Hot and Heavy in Ep3 "Preparing for War" | Hollywood’s British Invasion

I just love everything about this. And I would like to see more of these actors all working together, please and thank you. 

What'd you think? The Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, which features a ton of these fine folks in its pages, hits newsstands and online today (February 5).