The ‘Sherlock’ Stars Get Silly in This Series 3 Blooper Clip

One of the most frequently mentioned items on any Sherlock fan’s wishlist – besides the obvious answers like more episodes or the possibility of Cumberbatch clones – is the chance to see more bonus material and behind-the-scenes clips from the series’ filming.

Well, Sherlock fandom, occasionally wishes do come true – the first official blooper clip from the show has made its way online – with the promise of more to come! 

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on in this scene, or what’s supposed to be going on in this scene and I am here to tell you it absolutely 100% does not matter because, in truth, aren’t we all here to watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman crack jokes at each other and swear?

 Get more adorable, please, boys, for real.

(Though, really, are we all in agreement this is from filming for The Sign of Three? That was my initial guess, but I’m willing to be swayed.)

Watch for yourselves below, courtesy of the always fantastic fan blog Sherlockology

Sherlock outtake

It’s worth noting that this is actually the first blooper from Sherlock filming that’s ever been released, so thank goodness production seems to have started listening to the fans who are so hungry for this sort of material. (Totally guilty, here, just FYI. I’ve watched that clip like six times. I’m not even ashamed.)

The clip was released to promote the upcoming sale of limited edition DVD and Blu Ray gift boxsets, which include all three seasons and a bunch of new bonus material, including more bloopers and outtakes, a deleted scene and (finally) commentary tracks for Series 3 episodes. Oh, and the super fancy special pack also features some interesting looking busts of the Baker Street boys that…may be bookeneds? I’m not sure exactly how one is meant to display them, but well, they exist if you’re into that sort of thing.

All I do know, is that we definitely need some more of these outtakes immediately. It’s an awful long way till next Christmas, is all I’m saying.

What deleted scenes from previous Sherlock episodes would you most like to see?