BBC Releases Full 'Doctor Who' Series 8 Trailer


The clock is (almost) striking Twelve. (Photo; BBC)
Rejoice, Whovians! The first full trailer for Doctor Who Series 8 has officially arrived and it’s pretty much everything we could have wanted and more.

After a couple of teaser trailers that featured little more than backlit shots of new Doctor Peter Capaldi and creepy voiceovers that sound like they could be from familiar characters, we’ve finally got a real look at footage from the new season. There are old enemies, new threats, a tyrannosaurus rex running past the Houses of Parliament, the Doctor riding a horse and a lot more.  It’s so awesome.

Watch and get excited: 

The official full length TV launch trailer - Doctor Who Series 8 2014 - BBC One

Seriously, is it August 23 yet?!

I know we’ve only seen Capaldi’s Doctor for about fifteen seconds total but so far? Twelve seems fantastic (to steal a phrase from my favorite Doctor).  

The only real complaint I can think of is something I’ve voiced before – this trailer reinforces, again, the idea that Clara seems unsure about this latest incarnation of the Doctor. She admits that she’s not sure whether or not he’s a good man. This seems ridiculous in light of the fact that such a huge part of last season was pointing out all the ways that Clara’s life (or lives) has intertwined with the Doctor’s throughout time. As such – and in light of the fact that Clara consciously chose to do so – seeing her suddenly unsure about whether or not she can say the Doctor is a good man is troublesome at best, in my opinion. Am I thinking about this too hard? Would love to hear what others think.

Are you excited for Series 8?