A New Era on 'Doctor Who': The New Season and the New Doctor Arrive August 23

The best news possible for all the Whovians out there is finally here: the BBC and BBC America confirmed that the highly anticipated new season of Doctor Who will officially begin on Saturday, August 23 – on both sides of the pond!

Peter Capaldi will debut in his first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor in the Series 8 premiere, which will be a feature-length adventure called Deep Breath. Jenna Coleman is also back as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswin Oswald.

If this news weren’t enough to send your emotions into overdrive, a new teaser trailer (again, emphasis on the teaser) has been released, which actually features Capaldi and Coleman saying stuff! Not a lot of stuff, but when the only thing we’ve heard Twelve say so far is some claptrap about the state of his kidneys, you take what you can get. 

Watch for yourselves below: 

Doctor Who Series 8 2014: Am I a good man? Trailer - BBC One

From this miniscule bit of footage (which, granted, I will take over the soundless backlit silhouette of Twelve we got before, don’t get me wrong), I have one tiny nitpick: Unless the new Doctor is really Dexter Morgan in disguise, shouldn’t Clara have already made her peace with the whole idea of him regenerating? After all, wasn’t that the whole point of her arc in the back half of Series 7, that she was literally littered throughout all the Doctor’s lives so that she could course correct them or whatever? Here’s hoping we don’t have to watch her spend multiple episodes trying to Figure Out What Regeneration Means, because if this is really her twelfth Doctor in addition to ours, that’s kind of pointless. (Here is where you tell me I’m overreacting, because I’m a crazed fan who’s already watched this ten times. It’s fine. I already know it.)

Also, the TARDIS still looks like it’s all kinds of on fire. What’s up with that?

A new promotional photo was also tweeted out along with the new trailer and it’s super fun (even though you can totally tell that neither Coleman or Capaldi was anywhere near each other when these photos were taken). Twelve’s coat remains amazing. 

In continuation of their truly awesome and fantastic tradition, BBC America will also be airing the Series 8 premiere on August 23 for the benefit of those of us here in the States, just a mere handful of hours after it’s UK transmission. So, make sure you’re all on the couch promptly at 8pm.

Who’s excited for the start of the Capaldi era? What kind of Doctor do you think Twelve will be?