‘Doctor Who’ Series 8 Will Begin in August : Watch the 15 Second Teaser Trailer


Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor (Photo: BBC)
According to the series' official Twitter account, our torturous wait for the return of the iconic sci-fi drama Doctor Who has an official end point.

Series 8 – and brand-new Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi – will debut this August. 

That means we can officially start getting excited now, right? 

A teaser trailer for the new season has also been released.

And, trust me, this is like the absolute definition of a teaser trailer, since you can only see the shadowiest outline of Capaldi’s Doctor, standing in a TARDIS that appears to possibly be on fire in some way. No idea what’s going on with all that.

But it really doesn’t even matter a little bit at all because you’re still going to be screaming from excitement, even if you’re basically not seeing anything at all. The fact of its existence is awesome enough. Watch:

Doctor Who Series 8 2014: The first TV teaser trailer - BBC One

Since BBC America has been so fantastic about making sure that US transmission is as close as possible to the UK airing over the past few seasons, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that the same thing seems to be happening with Series 8, but it’s nice to know all the same.

Let the global countdown begin!