Watch: Arthur Darvill Sings 'Frozen’s’ ‘Let It Go’ with a 'Doctor Who' Twist


Arthur Darvill does "Let It Go" (Photo: BBC Radio 1)

Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill may have physically departed the TARDIS more than a year ago, but, much like they say in Hotel California, it seems evident that even though you can check out any time you like, you can never leave.

Darvill, who is currently on-stage in the West End musical Once, appeared on BBC Radio 1 last week to promote his new show. The actor starred in the show on Broadway for about six months last year, and is now reprising his role across the pond.

As part of his recent media tour, Darvill appeared on The Matt Edmondson Show, where he did the standard sort of interview chatter, and even performed some music from Once, before the best bit of the whole thing got underway, which is where the inevitable Who related portion of the day came up. By way of a Frozen parody. 

Yup, really.

And, because he’s a great sport, Darvill did not run away screaming when the hosts asked him to perform an impromptu parody of the massive global musical phenomenon that is Let It Go. 

Entitled The Ballad of Arthur Darvill, the song spoofs the actor’s newfound fame thanks to his run on Doctor Who, and pokes some gentle fun at the fans who just can’t seem to “let it go” when it comes to his time at Rory Williams.

And it’s even more awesome than you thought it would be, promise. 

Let It Go - The Dr Who Version by Arthur Darvill

That ending, y’all. That ending. Adele Dazeem better watch her back.

Your move, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan