Watch: Co-Creator Mark Gatiss Talks ‘Sherlock’ in Brazil


Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes (Photo: Courtesy of Colin Hutton © Hartswood Films)
Just because we’re in the middle of The Great Hiatus Part Deux (Part Trois? I’m losing count) doesn’t mean that there won’t be still new Sherlock goodies to help us pass the time as we start off on the long trek to Series 4. Like this, for example.

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss (who also plays Mycroft and regularly writes for Steven Moffat’s other baby, Doctor Who) went to Brazil recently on a press junket to promote British drama in South America for BBC Worldwide.

Whilst there, Gatiss attended a screening of The Empty Hearse with fans  and participated in a Q&A session in which he answered burning questions from those in the audience. 

BBC Worldwide has helpfully put out a ten-minute highlight reel featuring clips from the Q&A. While there’s not a ton of what one might call new information – particularly if you follow Sherlock news with any sort of fervor – it’s still fun to watch.

Among other things, Gatiss touches on keeping the secrets of the Series 2 finale, his favorite moments throughout the series, combining new elements with the classical stories from canon, and the Sherlock and Mycroft relationship. He’s a thoughtful and charming speaker and it looks like the whole event was great fun.

Watch for yourselves below:

Sherlock Q&A - Mark Gatiss in Brazil - BBC Worldwide

Must admit, I do wish this was the full Q&A – it’s clearly been edited quite a bit. Given that I’ve been too many of these types of panels in the past, I’m sure it’s been repackaged for things like time, clarity and whether or not the questions were interesting (surely no one needs to see the awkward moment when someone inevitably asks for a hug), but I’d happily watch much more than just ten minutes of Gatiss talking, particularly if we got some more Series 3 questions in there. 

Well, I suppose beggars can't be choosers, right? We will just have to take what we can get. 

What would you ask Gatiss if given the chance?