WATCH: Video of Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombing U2 Will Vastly Improve Your Day


Benedict Cumberbatch at a different film premiere, because I don't want to spoil the surprise. (Photo: Sam Hughes)
If you went near the internet basically at all in the days immediately following the broadcast of the 86th annual Academy Awards, you probably already saw the picture I’m about to talk about.

Yes, that picture. 

The one where Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs a red carpet shot of global superstar band U2, leaping into the frame like some kind of really random celebrity gazelle. 

But don’t worry. It gets better. Yes, really.

I think that I saw more tweets about that moment than I did about the actual film that won Best Picture. (Which, by the way, was the truly amazing 12 Years a Slave, which in my opinion is life changing and you should go see immediately. Just saying.)

Anyway, get ready for something else life changing, and that’s video of Cumberbatch’s U2-photo-extravaganza. Yes, for real. Max Clendaniel caught the whole epic incident on camera, set it to the music from Jaws and put it on YouTube. 

It will be the best twenty seconds of your day today, guaranteed.  Just watch it and thank me later: 

Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs U2

Now, where do I sign the petition to get Sir David Attenborough to narrate this?