‘Sherlock’ the Musical is So Much Fun You’ll Wish It Was Real


Maybe they'll make a sequel? Let's hope so. (Screencap via YouTube)
Popular mystery series Sherlock has wrapped things up for another season, so that means the game is officially back on in terms of finding things to entertain ourselves with during the wait for Series 4. (Which, by the way, is already planned, even if there’s no official announcement about it yet.) I mean, honestly, didn’t we just do with?

Luckily, this clip is a pretty good place to start our hiatus with.  YouTube stars AVbtyte have put together an amazing fan-made musical tribute to everyone’s favorite consulting detective and his best friend, complete with remarkably accurate costumes and Sherlock getting punched in the face by John. (Thankfully, there’s no horrendous Watson moustache to contend with in this particular reunion.)

Sure, the clip has Travis Kent and Newsies alum Andrew Keenan-Bolger doing the singing honors, rather than Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, but they’ve got the main duo’s mannerisms pretty much down. Plus, it’s so much fun you’ll wish they’d managed to do a whole musical mystery.

Watch for yourselves below:

SHERLOCK - The Musical (Season 3)

The best thing is how elements of the actual Sherlock musical theme are worked in to the songs! And, in some ways, this reunion worked better for me than some bits of the actual Empty Hearse interactions. Sure, they’re singing here, and that’s a bit weird, but at least there’s some emotional honesty and no one has to fake a life or death situation to get them to admit they need each other.

(Too soon? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Here’s hoping for a musical rendition of The Sign of Three at some point in the future.