Saying Goodbye to Eleven: Go Behind the Scenes of Matt Smith’s Emotional Final Moments in ‘Doctor Who’


Matt Smith says goodbye (Photo: Screencap via BBC America)
It’s been a bit over a week since Doctor Who Christmas special The Time of the Doctor aired – the episode in which we bid a fond farewell to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, said hello to Peter Capaldi’s Twelve, and were basically left flailing in anticipation for Series 8, which is a tremendously long eight months away, at best. Yikes.

While opinions about Smith’s swan song are decidedly mixed – for me, The Time of the Doctor hit several really nice emotional beats, almost all of which were derailed in various places by a draggy plot that was alternately dull and confusing – most everyone can agree that the actor did some truly wonderful work in the episode. And it’s going to be weird having a new face driving the TARDIS after all this time, no matter how accomplished an actor is picking up the sonic screwdriver. So it’s okay if you’re still in a little bit of mourning at the moment.

And just in case you need a bit more fodder for your emotional wallowing, here’s this bit of behind the scenes loveliness. A look behind the curtain at the making of The Time of the Doctor, this twelve minute Behind the Lens clip covers a lot a lot of ground. From a wooden Cyberman who’s actually a woman, to adorable banter between Smith and current companion Jenna Coleman, to the revelation that several members of the onscreen Oswald clan have a past with Doctor Who

But the part that will really emotionally destroy you is the bit where Matt Smith breaks down in tears as he delivers his final lines as the Doctor for the first time. And then he cries some more after filming wraps. And then you’ll maybe cry because it’s just all very emotionally affecting.  (And Eleven’s not even my Doctor!)

Watch for yourselves below. 

What did you think of Eleven’s final episode? Will you miss Matt Smith? Are you looking forward to Peter Capaldi’s run?