Prepare Your Emotions: A Full 'Sherlock' Series 3 Trailer is Here


Sherlock is back! For real! (Photo: Courtesy of (C)Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films 2013 for MASTERPIECE)
So, remember what I was saying earlier about a positive avalanche of new Sherlock material emerging over the past couple of weeks, by way of apology for making us all wait two years for Series 3? Well, the most awesome bit of all may have arrived at last. (And it’s so awesome, I’m breaking my own personal rule about posting on the blog twice in a row about the same subject.  I expect you’ll all forgive me.)

Yes, an actual full minute long trailer for Series 3 premiere  The Empty Hearse is here, and it’s amazing. There’s actual dialogue, and footage, and a fairly big emotional punch in the gut at the same time.

Watch for yourselves below: 

MASTERPIECE | Sherlock Returns Preview | PBS

Doesn’t it look fantastic?

I may have squeaked a bit at the bit where Sherlock doesn’t understand how John could have a life with him gone. Just a bit.

Sherlock Series 3 premieres on Masterpiece on January 19.

Thoughts? Series 3 predictions to share? General excitement you must express? Hit the comments.