Telly Visions is Heading to Comic Con 2013!

Bear with us if things are a bit quiet around the blog this week – we’ll be back up and running at full strength next week. 

Besides an unexpected personal issue that’s kept me off the internet for the past few days (I lost a beloved pet), I’m off to San Diego Comic Con International for the weekend, land of costumes, geeks and general merriment.

While I’m technically going for fun once again this year (and with the hopes that it’ll take my mind off things to be quite honest), there’s no reason that I still can’t report back to everyone about all the relevant and exciting Brit-related news from this year’s convention. Sherlock is slated to make its first ever Comic Con appearance, Doctor Who will be having a celebratory 50th anniversary panel, and there are multiple other panels featuring a variety of British talent. (I may also be supposed to dress up like a TARDIS. There will probably be pictures.) 

Expect a full report next week, but in the meantime make sure you're following the blog on Twitter, because if I manage to see or do anything exceptionally aweseome, that's likely where you'll see it first.