Dan Stevens Talks About His New Movies and His New Look on The One Show


Yes, it's easy to mock. But The One Show is very fun.
Dan Stevens has been keeping pretty busy since his departure from Downton Abbey – he’s been cast as a hacker opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, a drug dealer opposite Liam Neeson, he’s done some theater opposite an Academy Award nominee, and he’s scored a new TV gig for later this year (in the new adaptation of Swallows and Arrows).

And also he's apparently a rather drastic makeover. He’s lost a significant amount of weight – somewhere in the range of thirty pounds so he says – and has also done something rather jolly with this hair.  (It be fair, it’s not as dark as he had originally had for that film with Neeson, called A Walk Among the Tombtones, but it’s kind of a seriously dramatic shift.).

Stevens appeared on the BBC teatime chat show The One Show last week to promote his new movie Summer in February in which he plays a character who is freakishly like Matthew Crawley, but since we’re all going to go swoon over this movie as soon as it manages to get released in America, let’s ignore that.

Stevens talks a bit about saying goodbye to Downton, his upcoming film roles and has a rather adorable exchange with one of his former teachers, who also happens to be the guy that wrote the book Summer in February. And before you ask, yes, the One Show hosts are generally always like this.

Dan Stevens - BBC1 The One Show

Sadly, Stevens does rule himself out in the race for Doctor Who’s Twelfth Doctor, but it would seem he’s getting too busy to take the role on these days anyway.

It’s really hard to stay angry with him when he’s so adorable, huh? Here’s hoping we get some details on a potential US release for his new film soon!