Storyboard Clip Shows What Happened to Rory’s Dad and the Ponds on Doctor Who

The BBC has released a special “unshot” scene from the Doctor Who mid-season finale, The Angels Take Manhattan. Called simply “P.S.,” this special four-and-a-half minute scene was written by Chris Chibnall and features only storyboard images and some voiceover work from Mark Williams and Arthur Darvill as Brian and Rory.

The attempts to answer the question voiced by many fans after the episode ended – what happened to Rory’s father after the departure of the Ponds and did anyone ever get any closure? It does a remarkably good job at it, too.

It will also probably make you cry so, you know, get some tissues handy. 

This is exactly the scene I needed and didn't get in that episode, so I am glad that at least we managed to see this moment in some form. I wish it hadn’t been cut/left out.

Doctor Who: P.S. - Series 7 2012 - BBC One

Excuse me, I have to go have a tremendous number of emotions now. What did you all think of this?