Seven Sherlock Videos to Help Cure Your Hiatus Blues

Here’s a secret: Sherlock withdrawal is horrible. And we’re still several months from the start of filming, let alone whenever Series 3 will actually arrive on our screens. I mean, it’s cool, I’m sure we are all quite enjoying wallowing in our emotional devastation hangover from The Reichenbach Fall. Really, I’m fine it’s fine.

Still, in the totally unlikely case you might need some talking down from the emotional ledge a distraction something else to do with your time while we wait, here is a handy list of things to watch to take your mind off the fact that it’s barely October at the moment.  Below are seven Sherlock-related videos to help ease your consulting detective withdrawal – you’ll find everything from a Doctor Who crossover to Blues Clues parody to an animated cartoon to a Holmes series from the 1950s. Did I miss something awesome? Leave a link in the comments.

I am beginning to be concerned that I spend entirely too much time trolling the internet for random Sherlock-related items. Don’t judge me, dear readers. I can’t help it.

The One That’s a Doctor Who Crossover: So, someone’s going to make this ridiculously cool Wholockian trailer into a real movie/episode/something, right? The fact that this fits together so well is too awesome to waste!


The One That’s a Rom Com: Well, not really, but kind of? This is a Sherlock trailer re-imagined as though it were promoting a traditional romantic comedy film and it’s hilarious. The fact that it actually uses that One Direction song (and you know the one I’m talking about) as a backing track is what really makes it art.

sherlock in love trailer | sherlock bbc

The One That’s The Best Parody Ever. No, really. Ever.  It’s Sherlock plus Blue’s Clues and Sherlock makes Steve cry. (Warning for a tiny bit of language, though!)

The One That’s Really Creative:  A brilliant and enterprising YouTube fan has recreated the last three minutes of The Reichenbach Fall using LEGO figures and it’s oddly emotionally affecting once you get past the bit where Sherlock and Moriarty look as though they are dressed to head off to Rivendell.

How are tiny plastic people with no fingers and limited facial expressions capable of making me sad? Your guess is as good as mine.


The One That’s The Prestige. It’s difficult to know the number of times I’ve seen The Prestige (film version, sadly, not the far superior novel) being referenced in discussions about Sherlock and the Reichenbach cliffhanger (Spoiler: it's a lot), but this one is by far the best: a mix of Michael Caine’s voiceover from the film’s trailer, the infamous Inception music and the rooftop scene.

Are You Watching Closely? // Sherlock

The One That’s From the Past: CBS’ Elementary is not the first American attempt to adapt Sherlock Holmes for television. In the 1950s a series called simply Sherlock Holmes ran for one season and starred Ronald Howard (son of Gone with the Wind’s Leslie Howard) as Holmes.

The episode below (“The Baker Street Nursemaids”)  features –  I swear I am not making this up – Sherlock and John finding a baby on the doorstep of Baker Street and being completely, hilariously ignorant about the subject of childcare. (Sherlock at one point instructs John to “make it [the baby] a cup of tea.”) It’s sort of amazing. Thank you forever to the fab ladies of The Mary Sue for even tipping me off to this series’ existence. Most of it can be found on YouTube, if you’re curious to see more.

Sherlock Holmes - The Baker Street Nursemaids

The One That’s From the Future (Kind Of): That this is a real thing is kind of amazing and the stupidly boppy theme song alone is basically reason enough for you to click play right now. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century is a cartoon from the late 90s that features a Holmes reborn through cellular regeneration, a robot Watson, a female Lestrade, a Moriarty clone, flying cars, and other bits of truly ridiculous awesomeness that are not to be missed.

Everyone is so mean to Robot Watson, by the way. I do not approve.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - 1x01 - The Fall and Rise of Sherlock Holmes