Amazing Internet Things: Sherlock Weighs in on the Fall TV Season

Traditionally, the week after the Primetime Emmy Awards (which, whatever, Academy, you let me down this year) marks the official kickoff for the American Fall television season. This tradition is less prevalent than it used to be – many new series have already started and some won’t debut until well into October – but this unspoken “rule” does still hold true for many properties on the four major networks.

Personally, I’m not terribly excited by much of 2012’s Fall slate, but that may actually be why I find this particular Amazing Internet Thing so hilarious.  One of the most widely promoted – and possibly most anticipated? I can’t really get a read on public opinion here – is CBS’ new Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary, a drama which many have accused of being “a rip-off” of stellar BBC series Sherlock.

Comedy site Jest has made a fantastic spoof in which Sherlock himself deduces the why the current crop of Fall TV newcomers, including The Carrie Diaries, Nashville, Chicago Fire and The New Normal, all seem so familiar. Though he can’t quit put a finger on what’s going on with that CBS Elementary show.

Even though neither of these actors looks a thing like Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman, the setting, dialogue and production choices (John’s “deductions” about Sherlock are particularly awesome) combine for a very well done send up of the popular drama. Definitely worth a look, especially if you watch a lot of television!

(By the way, Sherlock is SO RIGHT about The New Normal. Just saying.)

How cool is it that Sherlock has become such a thing now that we actually get all these parodies and things? This trend can continue well past Fall, if you ask me.