The 'Sherlock' Series 2 Finale Airs Tonight: Get Ready for 'Reichenbach' with a Sneak Peek and A New Interview!

Hope everyone is suitably emotionally prepared excited for the Series 2 finale of Sherlock tonight at 9pm. It is – and I promise I’m not exaggerating on this point – the single best hour and a half of television you will see all year. It’s that good.

And trust me, you will never in your life lament the fact that this show only has three episodes per series more than in this episode’s final two minutes. Protip: Be ready for anything, and maybe have a lot of some Kleenex nearby.

But, first – get in the mood by watching a sneak peek at a scene from tonight’s ep, as well as a fabulous new interview with creator Steven Moffat and star Benedict Cumberbatch about the finale.  It’s all under the cut!

And make sure you come back by Telly Visions after the episode airs, because I am going to need people to help me with all my emotions talk about this episode with.

Moffat and Cumberbatch Talk Reichenbach – Considering that Reichenbach is the only episode on the Series 2 DVD set that doesn’t have any commentary at all to go along with it (cruel!), it’s lovely to see Moffat and Cumberbatch discuss this episode a bit.

MASTERPIECE | Sherlock | Steven & Moffat & Benedict Cumberbatch Re: "Reichenbach Fall" | PBS

Sneak Peek at Reichenbach  - I love this little clip, because you can never have too many scenes with the death Frisbee deerstalker!

MASTERPIECE Mystery! | Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from The Reichenbach Fall | PBS