Building the Titanic for Julian Fellowes’ New Mini-Series

Those of us who  are looking for something to help tide us over until Downton Abbey Series 3 premieres probably already have our DVRs set for the American premiere of Downton creator Julian Fellowes latest project, the four-part miniseries Titanic.

The series is currently airing in the UK on ITV, where it has struggled with “sinking ratings” (ba dum bum) amidst stiff competition from other network offerings and some negative reactions from critics. It’s also basically Downton at Sea, but, personally, I’m okay with that as a general premise and am still excited to give it a try. 

ABC is presenting the full mini-series this weekend to mark the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking – it premieres Saturday, April 14 starting at 8pm, with the conclusion airing Sunday, April 15 at 10pm. Click through for a couple of nifty behind-the-scenes videos which show how they went about creating the show’s costumes and its most important character – the Titanic itself.

If no one objects to me writing a bit extensively about something that’s airing on another network, I might give this at least the partial review treatment next week – I think those of us that enjoyed talking about Downton might find this one fun to dish as well.

Are you planning on trying out Titanic?

Building the Set:

Creating the Look:

Source: ABC