The BBC's Frozen Planet Premieres March 18 on Discovery

Everyone remembers incredible BBC documentaries Planet Earth and Life, yes? Full of so much beautiful footage and so many amazing animals that even people who don’t like nature documentaries (cough cough yours truly cough) loved them?

If so, then you’ll probably be equally excited for the premiere of Frozen Planet, the next massive and presumably amazing documentary from the creators of Planet Earth that focuses on our planet’s polar regions. This seven part series aired on BBC One last year and we Americans can finally see what all the fuss is about  for ourselves when it premieres on the Discovery Channel starting March 18.

Click through to watch the Discovery trailer– it will give you chills (I mean, the baby polar bear, just…my heart)!

If you need even more animal awesomeness, do also have a look at the BBC One Frozen Planet promo from last Fall. (I hope it’s not too embarrassing if I admit thsi made me a little choked up? Apparently I’m a sucker for majestic animal images set to sweeping music.)