12 Days of Downton (Plus A Couple Extra): Day One

Welcome to the first day of our Countdown to Downton Abbey Series 2! And, I thought, what what better way to frame it up than to have a special celebratory post pop up every day from now until the S2 premiere on January 8th? Much like the 12 Days of Christmas (though we'll get a couple bonus items because the math didn't quite work out exactly) we'll have different previews, discussion topics, wishlists and silly things every day for the next two weeks. We hope enjoy this whole series - it should be pretty fun! (And we're looking for suggestions on future features, so drop us a note!)

Click through for a Series 2 treat, and stick around over the next few days for more Downton-related fun.

We're starting things off slowly, since I'm assuming you're all enjoying various levels of holiday food coma and watching the Series 1 rebroadcast on WETA. ;) A couple weeks ago several members of the Downton cast went to New York for a special screening of the first episode of Series 2 with some lucky fans. The cast sat down for a Q&A session and answered some questions from people in the audience. They all look fabulous and are just so charming. Take a look for yourself below - what would you like to ask the cast if you got the chance?