Another New Clip from the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special!

A new clip has bee

n released for the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special – and this time we get our first looks at the returns of Joanna Lumley's Patsy and Julia Sawalha's Saffy.

Click through for a look at Patsy and Eddie explaining something called the Kardashian syndrome to pop culture-challeged Saffy. It’s hilarious, and sadly just too short. But it’s really nice to see that Lumley and Jennifer Saunders still sparkle together.

Also - how is it possible that Lumley is 65? She looks amazing, and basically exactly the same as she did the last time she picked up Patsy’s cigarettes six years ago. As an aside, there’s an exceptionally great interview with Lumley from The Guardian earlier this week, that’s well worth the read if you’re a fan. She’s just…well, it has to be said, fabulous


The AbFab Christmas special will air Stateside on Sunday, January 8 on both BBC America and Logo. 

Source: Britscene