More New Sherlock Series 2 Promotional Art!

More new Sherlock Series 2 promotional art has surfaced! (Like water in the desert, hurray!) 

Both images are included after the jump to protect those that are uninterested in seeing anything about the new series before it airs. So, you’ll have to click on through if you’re feeling brave.




Both of these particular images do appear to be promotional flyers connected to last week’s MIPCOM conference in Cannes.The first is courtesy of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog – to whom we must extend a big “Welcome to the cool kids club!” as they’ve just discovered the brilliance that is Sherlock.

There are probably clues or some kind of meaning hidden in all those random items piled in front of John (what IS in that photo in the foreground, anyway?), but other than a gun, a laptop and what appears to be a staggeringly large mug of tea (maybe??), I’ve got nothing.

The second, found through the beauty of trackbacks and Tumblr, is very similar in coloring and style to this Steven Moffat-approved poster. The most amazing thing about it is probably that smiley face in the wall behind them. Perfection.