Star Trek Into Darkness

Your Weekend Dose of Benedict Cumberbatch-Related Ridiculousness

Warning: This is possibly (probably?) the most shallow post in the world. Please feel free to just skip right on by this one, unless you’re one of the multitude of newly converted members of the apparently immense Benedict Cumberbatch online army. Then you’ll enjoy it. So you know, there’s that.

If you haven’t been online in the past week, you may have missed the fact that the internet has basically lost its mind over the Sherlock star, whose turn as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness has won raves from both critics and fans and made him an even bigger online rockstar than before. (He sort of deserves it, though, so it’s okay.) Besides that, filming on Series 3 of Sherlock was also going on this week, and since it was the last bit of shooting before the team takes a two-month break there’s been a fair bit of end-of-term style silliness from that side, as well.

Basically, it’s been a good week to be a Cumberbatch fan, is what I’m saying. Click through for what are clearly the two best bits.

So You Just Saw Star Trek: Six Things to Watch for the Newly Benedict Cumberbatch-Obsessed

Summer movie season is officially upon us and with it the highly anticipated sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, which boasts a raft of British talent of various stripes, but has mostly picked up buzz for featuring Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch in what is sure to be his big breakout Hollywood role. (He’s playing [SPOILER]. Ha – as though one would ever risk the wrath of the internet for writing that out this weekend.)

Real spoiler this time: Cumberbatch is fantastic in the film and is getting showered with lots of well deserved kudos and review mentions and general accolades and the next time you see his name in a trailer, you’re going to know who he is. It’s that kind of performance. (For those of us who’ve been fans of his work for some time, this is a pretty awesome week!)

So, welcome to Cumberbatch mania, all you folks who have stumbled online after seeing Star Trek and are wondering who that rather posh looking bloke with the great hair and amazing cheekbones happens to be. We’re here for you. We know the deal. We’re happy to help. You want to know where to go next? Here are a few suggestions.