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  • 181: Grantchester Season 8 Finale

    Published on:

    The ladies dig into Grantchester Season 8, which sees Will Davenport struggle to process the guilt of causing an accident that took an innocent man's life and the downward spiral that follows.

  • 180: DI Ray Season 1

    Published on:

    Emma O'Neill-Dietel joins the ladies to break down the first season of DI Ray, a female-led mystery thriller with limited nuance but loads of potential. 

  • 179: The Lazarus Project

    Published on:

    Emma O'Neill-Dietel joins the ladies to discuss the most entertaining British series you probably missed this summer: TNT's time-bending adventure The Lazarus Project

  • 178: Classics Revisited: The Jewel in the Crown

    Published on:

    In the latest installment of our Classics Revisited series, the ladies look back at the sprawling 1984 period drama The Jewel in the Crowna series that still defines British television for many viewers.

  • 177: Grantchester Season 8 Premiere

    Published on:

    The ladies dig into the premiere of Grantchester Season 8, which sees Will wrestling with the idea of fatherhood as Geordie's superiors start hinting he should retire.

  • 176: The Final Season of Endeavour

    Published on:

    Recapper Janet Mullany joins the ladies to discuss the end of an era: The final three episodes of the popular prequel series "Endeavour" and the conclusion (at least for now) of the Inspector Morse universe.

  • 175: The Best of 2023 (So Far)

    Published on:

    2023 is (somehow!) half over, so it's time for the ladies to look back on their favorite British programs of the year (so far), from All Creatures Great and Small and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story to Happy Valley and The Great

  • 174: Ridley Premiere

    Published on:

    The ladies are joined by Emma O'Neill-Dietel to discuss the PBS premiere of Ridley. Retired Detective Inspector Alex Ridley is called back to advise on a complex and compelling murder case by his replacement and former protege DI Carol Farman.