'Professor T' Renewed for Season 4 Ahead of Season 3 Debut in the U.K.

Ben Miller as Professor Jasper Tempest seated at his desk in 'Professor T'

Ben Miller as Professor Jasper Tempest in 'Professor T'

Eagle Eye Drama

PBS' original decision to start working with Walter Iuzzolino when launching PBS Passport and the PBS Masterpiece Channel towards the end of the 2010s by wholesaling his Walter Presents streaming service into their brand new public television streaming offerings may have seemed risky to some, but five years on, it seems to have worked out quite well. Walter Presents has a dedicated fanbase of foreign language TV fans who love series like Luna + Sophie, Badehotellet, and others; Iuzzolino has parlayed the success of his franchise into creating his own studio where he remakes the most popular of those series into English language dramas that PBS then also imports, creating double the content. While some of those remakes haven't been great (Before We Die), the most popular, Professor T, has been improving by leaps and bounds year to year, and has now scored a Season 4 renewal.

This renewal is great news for American fans, who only just watched Season 2 in September/October 2023, and most likely can look forward to the arrival of Season 3 sometime in the fall of 2024. (PBS has not announced an official release date; it only confirmed that the show is slated to arrive in the back half of the year, so that's an educated guess.) The Season 4 renewal, which was announced in London on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, included PBS signing on to air it, so fans don't have to worry that the new season won't somehow show up or anything; it's arrival as part of the 2025 lineup is assured.

Reaching Season 4 is a milestone for the English remake of Professor T, as with this season it will officially pass the Belgian original, which only ran three seasons. However, those three seasons were 13 episodes a piece, and the U.K. version runs six at a time, so there are still more Belgian episodes than U.K. ones and will be unless the U.K. version reaches Season 7. The German remake (also called Professor T) ran four seasons, but only at four episodes a pop, so though the English remake will technically tie it in number of seasons, it will pass it in number of episodes. (We don't count the Czech or French versions; they were never popular.)

Here is the synopsis for Season 4, with a reminder that Season 3 has not ever released a teaser trailer yet or first images on either side of the pond, so what spoilers are referenced here are mysteries to all of us, so don't get huffy:

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of the most prestigious of educational institutions, Cambridge University, Professor T Season 4 returns six months after the shocking finale of Season 3, and the team must overcome their grief to tackle a dangerous crime wave. This time, the gloves are well and truly off for Professor T in his lectures and a new musical pursuit, romance is very much alive for his mother Adelaide Tempest, and the lines between professional and personal become blurred for therapist Helena Goldberg.

As for the returning cast, Ben Miller (Death in Paradise) will, of course, be back as the titular Jasper Tempest, along with Frances de la Tour (Harry Potter) as Adelaide Tempest, Juliet Stevenson (Truly, Madly, Deeply) as Dr. Helena Goldberg, Barney White (Masters of The Air) as DS Dan Winters, plus Sunetra Sarker (Ackley Bridge) who fans will meet in Season 3 as DI Maiya Goswami. 

Season 4 will be directed by Belgian helmers Dries Vos (The Couple Next Door) and Kaat Beels (Hotel Beau Séjour), with Eagle Eye co-founders Jo McGrath and Iuzzolino returning as executive producers. 

Professor T Season 3 is expected to air in 2024 on both sides of the pond, and Season 4 in 2025. Seasons 1 and 2, plus all seasons of the Belgian version, are streaming on PBS Passport.

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