'Blue Lights' Season 2 Introduces New Team Members

Frank Blake as Shane Bradley steps out of the car in Blue Lights Season 2

Frank Blake as Shane Bradley in Blue Lights Season 2

Two Cities Television/BBC

Blue Lights Season 2 has officially landed an April 2024 release in the U.K. for the highly anticipated second season. The series, which launched its debut season on BBC One in the final week of March 2023, has been one of the BBC's biggest police procedurals in years, which is saying something considering this is the same broadcast network that rode Line of Duty for nearly a decade of ever-growing popularity. The BBC's new director of drama, Lindsay Salt, has already quadrupled down on the series, renewing it through Season 4 even before Season 2 had a release date. It's a lot of pressure for the rookie cops heading into their sophomore season of crime-solving.

Blue Lights is set in Northern Ireland, in the police precincts of Belfast, which are legendary for being less than the most law-abiding of places when enforcing the peace. The series began with an attempt to humanize and somewhat remove the bite of that history by telling the story via the eyes of three utterly guileless rookies, Grace Ellis (Siân Brooke), Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin), and Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff). Grace, technically the show's lead in a larger ensemble, is a 40-year-old housewife inspired to join the force after years of swallowing propaganda, and her learning curve (and hilarious foibles) was vital to keeping the series' humanity, and its struggle with its past, front, and center.

Season 2 expands the show's focus with new characters from the area, as the rookies get more comfortable with their roles. Check out the trailer.

Here's the synopsis for Season 2:

Grace, Annie and Tommy are growing up fast as police officers, but nothing can prepare them for the turmoil they face every day. It’s a year since the fall of the McIntyre crime gang and the vacuum has been filled by rival gangs, all competing for dominance. Constable Shane Bradley is drafted in to help, but his motivations are unclear. Tommy is dangerously seduced by the world of intelligence policing, while Grace struggles to deal with her son’s absence, and growing feelings for fellow officer Stevie. As a young loyalist threatens to take over the city, the officers face a major gangland feud – culminating in a violent and devastating confrontation.

Brooke, Devline, and Braniff return alongside Martin McCann as Stevie Neil, Joanne Crawford as Helen McNally, Andi Osho as Sandra Cliff, and Hannah McClean as Jen Robinson. Blue Lights costars Paddy Jenkins (Grace & Goliath), Desmond Eastwood (In the Land of Saints & Sinners), Andrea Irvine (Dead Shot), Aoibhéann McCann (Harry Wild) and Abigail McGibbon (The Lovers). The new cast includes Frank Blake (Normal People), Seamus O’Hara (An Irish Goodbye), Seána Kerslake (Bad Sisters), Craig McGinlay (COBRA), and Dan Gordon (Bloodlands).

Blue Lights is co-created, written, and directed by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson and co-created and produced by Stephen Wright (Two Cities Television) and Louise Gallagher (Gallagher Films), with Nick Lambon executive producing for the BBC. Lawn and Patterson helms Episodes 1-3, while director Jack Casey helms Episodes 4-6, with Amanda Black as producer. 

Blue Lights Season 2 will premiere on the BBC on Monday, April 15, 2024, and is expected to follow on BritBox after its six-episode run completes in the U.K.


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