Watch: Alan Rickman and ‘Game of Thrones’’ Richard Madden in ‘A Promise’ Trailer

"A Promise" looks rather promising. (Photos: Fidelite/Scope Pictures)
"A Promise" looks rather promising. (Photos: Fidelite/Scope Pictures)
It seems safe to say that one of the breakout stars of the 2013 television season was Scottish actor Richard Madden or, as you probably know him, that guy who played Robb Stark on HBO series Game of Thrones and was the focal point of that episode that basically broke the internet for a couple of days after it aired.

But, not to worry – you’ll be able to get your King in the North fix at the local multiplex soon enough. Or at least, so we hope.

Madden is starring in new film called The Promise opposite the always awesome Alan Rickman and Parade's End star Rebecca Hall. The period drama follows the story of Karl Hoffmeister (Rickman), a stuffy but respected ailing factory owner in pre-World War I Germany. Hoffmeister comes to rely more and more on the help of an up-and-coming young man named Ludwig (Madden) to handle factory business.  Ludwig finds himself irresistibly drawn to Hoffmeister’s young wife, particularly after he takes on a role as a live-in tutor for her young daughter. 

As you’ve probably guessed, a love triangle ensues, and the tale spins out over many years. It actually looks rather swoony and dramatic, so if tortured period romance is your thing, A Promise is going to be right up your alley.

Watch the full trailer below: 

A Promise is adapted from Stefan Zweig’s novel Journey Into The Past, and is directed by French director Patrice Leconte, making his English language debut.

The film put in a few appearances on the festival circuit last year, opens in France this Spring and, thus far, no US release date has been set. But, we’ll keep an eye out!

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