The Original U.K. Version of 'Ghosts' Will Get an American Premiere on CBS

The ensemble cast of the U.K. version of "Ghosts"

The ensemble cast of the U.K. version of "Ghosts"

(Photo: BBC)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that American remakes of British series are almost never as good as the original. (Many of us still have emotional scars from that time FOX tried to remake Broadchurch by casting David Tennant in what was essentially an American shot-for-shot recreation.) But every so often, there's a U.S. take on a popular British property that just works. Showtime's Shameless does interesting things with its move from Manchester to Chicago's South Side, and NBC's The Office is a masterclass in how to take an initial concept and turn it into something joyously all its own. 

CBS's Ghosts, a remake of the popular BBC comedy of the same name, falls squarely in the latter category. The series, which follows the story of a couple who inherit a country house haunted by the ghosts of those who have died on the property throughout history, offers a unique version of the original's story, swapping out some of the ghosts that might typically haunt a British country manor for figures more fitting for an American setting. (The ghosts in the basement died of cholera rather than plague, Isaac fought in the American Revolution, and Sasappis is a Native American, among other changes.) It's an excellent show in its own right and can be enjoyed without having any knowledge of the original on which it is based. 

But this Fall, American audiences will have a rare opportunity to watch both versions of the show --- U.K. and American --- back to back. 

CBS, the network behind the U.S. version of Ghostshas decided to broadcast the British original this Fall. The U.K. series will premiere in November and air alongside repeats of Ghosts' second season, allowing audiences to compare and contrast the two versions for themselves. (And get a great lesson in the differences between British and American humor.)

It's a neat bit of timing, given that the U.K. version of Ghosts just launched its fifth and final season on the BBC at the beginning of October, and its run will officially conclude with a festive installment at Christmas. Whether CBS will air further seasons of the show is up in the air at this point, but it feels pretty likely, especially given the fact that the network is still facing ongoing delays due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and has little to offer in the way of new content. 

Ghosts U.K. stars Mathew Baynton (The Split), Simon Farnaby (Detectorists), Martha Howe-Douglas (Breeders), Jim Howick (Sex Education), Laurence Rickard (Horrible Histories), Ben Willbon (Good Omens), Charlotte Ritchie (Grantchester), Kiell Smith-Bynoe (Mood), Lolly Adefope (Saltburn), and Katy Wix (Ted Lasso).  

Ghosts U.K. will premiere on November 16 with two episodes. The series will subsequently stream on Paramount +.  

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