The Trailer for 'Cursed' Promises a Mythic Arthurian Adventure

Katherine Langford in "Cursed" Photo: Netflix

The full trailer for Netflix's upcoming female-led Arthurian retelling, Cursedis here, and it's pretty much everything we wanted it to be. 

There's a group of red-robed monks busy hunting down the magical Fey folk, talking of a war against magic. A young woman called Nimue must deliver a very old and obviously very powerful sword to the legendary wizard known as Merlin. (Who may or may not have lost his magic.) Along the way, she meets a young man called Arthur, who takes a shine to her sword. And, of course, we get to see power shots of Nimue wielding the blade herself, atop a remarkable looking stone, and then using it to attack a group of those same Red Paladins with magic. 

Was Cursed made in a lab just for me? It certainly looks that way.

Katherine Langfordbest known for her appearance in the Netflix original 13 Reasons Why, plays Nimue, the woman who, according to Arthurian legend, will one day become the Lady of the Lake, the magical enchantress who gives Arthur the sword Excalibur. The cast also includes Gustav Skarsgard as Merlin, Devon Terrell as Arthur and Daniel Sharman as a mysterious figure known only as The Weeping Monk. 

Watch the trailer for yourselves below. 

Watching the trailer, it's not clear how much of Nimue's story will be included in Cursed - in various versions of the Arthur story, she's everything from an enchantress who puts a spell on Merlin to a counselor to Arthur himself in addition to the keeper of Excalibur. But, for the first time, at least Nimue will get to take center stage in the story - something that has, quite frankly, been long overdue. 

Cursed is an adaptation of an illustrated YA novel of the same name, written by Tom Wheeler and with graphics by Frank Miller. All episodes will drop at once on Friday, July 17

Will you be giving this new Netflix series a look? Why or why not? Let's discuss in the comments. 

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