Sean Bean and Nicola Walker Drama 'Marriage' Will Arrive on PBS Passport This Spring

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in "Marriage"

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in "Marriage"

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Though many fans are likely still grieving Nicola Walker's exit from the popular mystery series Unforgotten, the actress hasn't been a stranger on PBS programs in the months since her departure, thanks to her starring role in Annika. Now, she's got another new drama heading our way, and PBS Passport members will get the chance to see it well before it airs.

Four-part series Marriage is described as a romantic drama that explores offers an up-close portrait of a 30-year relationship -- sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and always revealing. Walker stars as Emma opposite recent BAFTA winner Sean Bean (Time) as her husband Ian, who will both be seen dealing with the insecurities, ambiguities, hopes, and fears that are all part of being in an intimate relationship with the same person for many years.

The drama is set to arrive on PBS Passport this Spring, as part of a bevy of new exclusive and early arrivals available to local station members in the coming months. (See also: DI Ray and Before We Die Season 2, which will both stream before they air on linear broadcast.) There's no word on when we might expect to see Marriage on our television screens -- these early binges have had from weeks to months of lead time depending on the property -- but with a cast this high caliber, it's hard to believe this drama won't come to the small screen at some point in the not so distant future. 

Marriage also stars James Bolam (New Tricks) as Emma’s father Gerry; Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Ragdoll) as Emma’s boss Jamie; and Chantelle Alle (Mood) as Ian and Emma's daughter, Jessica.

“This is a unique project," Walker said in a statement. "Stefan has created such a beautiful, funny and complicated world and I’m excited to be stepping into Ian and Emma’s marriage with Sean.”

The series was written and directed by creator Stefan Golaszewski (Mum) and produced by writer Jack Thorne’s production house The Forge (Help) along with Golaszewski’s own The Money Men.

“I’m thrilled to be playing opposite the talented Nicola Walker and I’m looking forward to bringing Stefan’s intimate scripts to the screen," Bean added. 

All four episodes are slated to arrive on PBS Passport beginning May 29 and while there's no hint yet about when we might see it arrive on linear broadcast, let's all keep our fingers crossed that it's not too long afterward. 

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