A New Season of 'Last Tango in Halifax' Will Premiere in September on PBS

 (Photo: Courtesy of BBC/Red Productions/Gary Moyes)

After a three year absence, heartwarming family drama Last Tango in Halifax is set to return to PBS this Fall. 

The show is a BAFTA Award-winning tale of second chances, focusing on the story of Alan and Celia, two former teenage sweethearts who rediscover each other and fall in love all over again 50 years later. (Thanks to Facebook, of course.) Over the course of the previous seasons, the two have married and mixed their families together into something like a blended whole. 

We last saw the Buttershaw clan back in 2017, for a two-part Christmas special, but this will be the series' first proper full season since 2015. Though this latest season was billed as Season 5 in the U.K., it appears as though PBS will be calling it "Season 4", since the aforementioned holiday story was so brief. This decision will likely end up confusing some viewers and fans, but just rest assured, we haven't missed anything and this will be the most recent set of episodes. 

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid are both back as our septuagenarian love birds, joined by Nicola Walker and Sarah Lancashire as their messy adult daughters, who have complicated lives of their own. Else

As the new season begins, Alan and Celia are entering into their seventh year of marriage, and they're not seeing entirely eye to eye. Despite the fact that they're settling into a lovely new home, clashing politics, a new job, and other distractions are all driving tension between them. Meanwhile, Celia's daughter, Caroline, gets emotionally embroiled at work, while Alan's daughter Gillian is having problems out on the farm.  Into all this flies Alan's brother, Ted, and he's only bought a one-way ticket.

Watch the BBC trailer for the new season below.


The four-part new season of Last Tango in Halifax will premiere on Sunday, September 20 at 8pm. 

Are you excited for the return of Alan, Celia, and their girls? Let's discuss in the comments. 

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