Irish Series 'Hidden Assets' To Debut On Acorn TV In April

 Angeline Ball as DS Emer Berry and Wouter Hendrickx as Christian De Jong In Hidden Assets

AMC Networks is doubling down on series by Peter McKenna. The writer-producer behind AMC+'s hit series Kin has another new series coming to American shores. Hidden Assets, the six-episode series he developed (and wrote three episodes for), is heading to Acorn TV this Spring. The series — a co-production between AMC Networks and Ireland's RTÉ — was first announced in June 2021 and aired across the pond last fall in Ireland on RTE One. It was picked up by BBC4 in early January 2022 and will finally arrive in the U.S. in April.

Like Kin, Hidden Assets is a mystery thriller series, though not a gangland-based one, and it's also much more international. This series is centered around the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau (known as the CAB). The series starts when Detective Sargent Emer Berry, played by Angeline Ball (Doc Martin), discovers a link between a wealthy Irish family and a series of bombings across the channel in Belgium. Working with Belgian police commissioner Christian De Jong, played by Wouter Hendrickx (Blackout), the two discover a political conspiracy and must race to stop more terrorist bombings.

Hidden Assets has already aired in two countries, and the six-part series comes well-reviewed, with critics favorably comparing it to Line of Duty in its nonstop thrill ride pacing and The Bridge for its twist and turns. Fans can check out the Acorn TV cut of the trailer below:

The official synopsis of Hidden Assets reads:

A routine raid led by a detective in the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau reveals that a small-time drug dealer has been receiving substantial funding from a seemingly untraceable source — not in cash, but in rough diamonds. When these diamonds are linked to a series of bombings in Belgium, Emer is forced to work with Police Commissioner Christian De Jong. Eventually banding together, they unravel a political conspiracy fuelling domestic unrest for financial gain; caught up in this web of greed are the Brannigans, a wealthy Irish dynasty with ties to Antwerp.

Ball and Hendrickx co-star alongside Simone Kirby (His Dark Materials) and Peter Coonan (Peaky Blinders) as the main suspects. Charlie Carrick (Abandoned), Cathy Belton (Miss Scarlet and the Duke), Michael Ironside (The Alienist: Angel of Darkness), Kwaku Fortune (Normal People), Jane Brennan (The Tudors), Aaron Monaghan (Vikings), and Sophie Jo Wasson (Rialto) round out the cast. Like any good prestige TV series, all six episodes are directed by a team of Thaddeus O'Sullivan (Silent Witness) and Belgian director Kadir Balci (Cold Courage).

Hidden Assets arrives on Acorn TV on April 18, 2022, and will follow a weekly release schedule with new episodes every Monday.


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