'Harry Wild' Season 2 Will Focus on a More Personal Mystery

Jane Seymour in "Harry Wild" Season 2

Jane Seymour in "Harry Wild" Season 2

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Acorn TV is known for its array of mystery series with offbeat, often fascinating female leads. From Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Signora Volpe to Agatha RaisinThe Madame Blanc Mysteries, and the forthcoming Mrs. Sidhu Investigates, sisters are doing it for themselves all over the streaming service. And now last year's biggest female-fronted mystery is set to return this Fall: the Jane Seymour-led Harry Wild.

The series follows the story of the titular former literature professor Harriet "Harry" Wild, who has taken up an unusual hobby in retirement: solving crimes. (To the frequent irritation of her son Charlie, who is a detective in the Dublin Garda, and whose cases she cut her teeth meddling in.) The series' first season saw her join forces with Fergus Reid, a troubled teen she initially met after he mugged her and whom she took under her wing when she realized he needed a mentor and focus in his life.

Harry and Fergus now investigate cases ranging from missing persons to murder. But the six-episode second season will see the wise-cracking pair tackle a case much closer to home when Fergus's mother suddenly turns up, years after abandoning her family. What are her intentions? Can he trust her? And how will the two handle digging in to such an intensely personal case?

Seymour is likely best known to American audiences for her leading role in Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman, but she has recently appeared in such series as The Kominsky Method and Franklin & BashRohan Nedd (Whitstable Pearl) also stars as Fergus, along with Kevin Ryan (Guilt) as Harry's son Charlie. Additional cast members include Paul Tylak (Mr. Malcolm's List) as Glenn Talbot, Amy Huberman (Finding Joy) as Orla Wild, and Rose O'Neill as Lola Wild.

The series is created by David Logan, who is sharing writing duties on Season 2 with Jo SpainRobert Quinn and Emer Conroy serve as directors. The series is executive produced by Seymour, Daniel March, Klaus Zimmerman, James Gibb, Morgan O'Sullivan, James Flynn, Bea Hammer, and Catherine Mackin.

Harry Wild will premiere on Monday, October 9, with two new episodes. New installments will follow every Monday through November 6. Season 1 can currently be streamed on Acorn TV.

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