Get Your First Look at 'Vera' Series 4

Brenda Blethyn is back for a new season of Vera (Photo: ITV)
Brenda Blethyn is back for a new season of Vera (Photo: ITV)
Attention British mystery fans! ITV has released the official trailer for the critically acclaimed four season of Vera, which is set to premiere later this month in the UK and (hopefully) very soon thereafter in the US!

Based on author Ann Cleeves’ series of popular novels, the drama follows the obsessive and driven Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope as she tries to crack some of the toughest cases in Northumberland alongside her trusted right-hand man and surrogate son Joe Ashworth. Stars Brenda Blethyn and David Leon are both back as the series’ leads.

Series 4 will be comprised of four stand-alone episodes, though titles for the full set have not yet been announced. In the opening episode, called On Harbour Street, Vera investigates the mysterious death of pensioner Margaret Kraszewski, who is found stabbed on a busy Newcastle train at the height of rush hour.

Watch the ITV trailer for the new season below: 

The fourth series of Vera premieres on April 27 in the UK – but there’s actually some great news for American fans. This latest season will be available for PBS stations to acquire starting just one week after UK transmission, so be sure you check your local listings or inquire with your PBS station about when they might have plans to air it.

Currently, Vera Series 4 is tentatively slated to premiere here in the DC area on our WETA UK channel beginning May 2, so start getting excited! (Yes, for those of you who don’t get WETA UK because you have Direct TV or somesuch, I’m sure it will also air on our main TV 26 channel; I just don’t have that info yet. Stay tuned.)

Are you a fan of Vera? Thoughts on the Series 4 trailer?

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