Filming Wraps on 'Miss Scarlet' Season 5

Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5

Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard filming "Miss Scarlet" Season 5

(Photo: Masterpiece)

Filming is officially complete on the fifth season of the newly rechristened Miss Scarlet, the popular drama's first without its original co-lead Stuart Martin (Jamestown), who played William Wellington, the titular Duke from the series' original name. 

Masterpiece celebrated this milestone -- and transition to a new era -- with a cute behind-the-scenes clip featuring star Kate Phillips (Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light) playfully introducing new co-star Tom Durant Pritchard (This Is Going to Hurt) as Detective Inspector Alexander Blake, the newest member of Scotland Yard who will ostensibly be trying to fill the Duke's shoes.

We don't entirely know what a version of this series without the central will they / won't they relationship that defined its identity for so long will look like. The initial press materials surrounding Durant Pritchard's casting certainly make it sound as though his character is meant as a potential love interest for Eliza --- and Blake's striking resemblance to Wellington certainly implies she has A Type --- but it's unclear whether they'll give fans a chance to mourn what they lost before diving straight into more crime solving sexual tension. 

"This new chapter in Eliza’s story is going to bring our audience more of what they’ve come to love about this series – mystery, humor, potential romance and most of all, Kate Phillips’ terrific performance as Miss Scarlet," Masterpiece Executive Producer Susanne Simpson said in a statement when the series' fifth season --- and title change --- was first announced. 

In addition to Durant Pritchard and Phillips, the bulk of the series' primary cast is back for Season 5, including Evan McCabe (Berlin Station) as Detective Fitzroy, Cathy Belton (Hidden Assets) as Ivy, Felix Scott (Our House) as Patrick Nash, Paul Bazely (Such Brave Girls) as Clarence, Simon Ludders (The Capture) as Mr. Potts, and Tim Chipping (The English Game) as Detective Phelps. 

Unfortunately, there's still no sign of Ansu Kabia (The Sandman), who played Moses and has been absent from the show since Season 3. 

Season 5 is written by Rachael New and Ben Edwards, with Ivan Zivkovic and Milos Kodemo serving as directors. New, who created the series, is also an executive producer, along with Simpson, Harvey Myman, Jin Ishimoto, Patrick Irwin, and Patty Lenahan Ishimoto. The Irish co-producer is Jim Duggan, the Serbian co-producer is Andelija Vlaisavljevic, and the senior series producer for Masterpiece is Erin Delaney

There's no broadcast date set for Season 5, but if past seasons are anything to go by, we're likely to see new episodes in early 2025. Seasons 1-4 (which are still titled Miss Scarlet & The Duke) are currently streaming on PBS Passport, the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel, and 

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