Disney Officially Announces 'Doctor Who' Will Return In May

Ncuti Gatwa in a promotional poster for "Doctor Who"

Ncuti Gatwa in a promotional poster for "Doctor Who"

(Photo: BBC/Disney+)

Prepare yourselves, Doctor Who fans: The TARDIS doors will officially open once more this spring. Disney+ has officially confirmed a May return for the popular sci-fi franchise, which will mark the first full season featuring Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) as the Doctor. There's no specific date just yet, but now that the proverbial news floodgates have finally opened, here's hoping we won't have to wait that long to find out. 

Though the May premiere window was initially confirmed in the BBC press release that accompanied the teaser trailer for the upcoming season, Disney+ has been predictably quiet on the Doctor Who front since the Christmas special "The Church on Ruby Road" aired. But the streamer officially kicked off its promotional efforts for the show's new season this past weekend, announcing that Season 14 (or Season 1 or however we're collectively labeling this new Disney+ era) will officially drop in May. It did so by way of Gallifrey One, the thirty-four-year-old Los Angeles convention that serves as an annual gathering for some of the franchise's most dedicated fans. Attendees were treated to a surprise poster drop (featuring an image that was simultaneously released on the show's official social media) and an exclusive video message from the Fifteenth Doctor himself. 

It's the sort of thing you love to see, not because it's nice to see an event as longstanding and beloved as "Gally" get some official recognition in this way, but because it means that Disney is doing their homework when it comes to this not-so-little fandom they've inherited and all the history that comes with it. 

Here's the super basic description for the new season. 

The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday will face new monsters as they head off in the TARDIS for many out of this world adventures...

Millie Gibson (Coronation Street) is back alongside Gatwa as Fifteen's companion Ruby Sunday, and the episodes will feature everything from an adventure set in Regency England to a visit to the Beatles' famous 1960s recording studio, Abbey Road. (Plus undoubtedly more than a few alien planets along the way. There will be guest turns from performers as varied as Jinx Monsoon (RuPaul's Drag Race), Jonathan Groff (Hamilton), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Lenny Rush (Am I Being Unreasonable?), and Aneurin Barnard (1899). Returning faces include Bonnie Langford (EastEnders) as classic companion Melanie Bush; Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) as Donna Noble's daughter, Rose; and Jemma Redgrave (Grantchester) as UNIT head Kate Lethbridge-Steward. 

It also seems pretty likely we'll see both Michele Greenridge (It's a Sin) and Angela Wynter (Time) again as Ruby's adoptive family, and if we don't circle back to why the Sundays' neighbor Mrs. Flood — played by Anita Dobson (The Long Call) — knows so much about Time Lord technology I am going to be very put out.

Doctor Who Christmas special "The Church on Ruby Road" is now streaming on Disney+. New episodes of Doctor Who will premiere in May of 2024. 

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