'Death In Paradise' Season 13 Will Include 100th Episode

The cast of Death in Paradise celebrates 100 episodes

The cast of Death in Paradise celebrates 100 episodes


When Robert Thorogood initially created the British/French mystery series Death in Paradise in 2011, he probably didn't envision it as a series that would be on its fourth lead detective by the time it hit Season 10 or reach a level of popularity that it would be renewed for multiple seasons at a time and launch at least one hit spinoff with a second in the works. However, the number of murders on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie has sustained the need for at least one member of the London Met police on the island for nearly fifteen years now, as the series rolls into its landmark 100th episode in the forthcoming Season 13, which the BBC has set to debut in February 2024. 

Death in Paradise Season 13 will also officially mark the longest a lead actor has stayed with the program as Ralf Little begins his fourth full season as DI Neville Parker. Until now, the show's lead investigators have returned to London for various reasons after three or so seasons on the show. Original lead Ben Miller technically only starred for two seasons but agreed to come back at the start of Season 3 to be killed off. His replacement, Kris Marshall, stayed four three and a half seasons, leaving mid-way through Season 6; Ardal O'Hanlon, who followed him, then stayed for three seasons, leaving midway through Season 9, when Little arrived.

The series will celebrate the 100th episode milestone with guest stars, including bringing back Sean Maguire (The 100) as Marlon Collins, a character originally introduced in the series premiere. Maguire is officially the first-ever guest to reprise their role in the series' history. He will be joined by Leon Herbert (Outlander), Cathy Tyson (Boiling Point), and Mensah Bediako (Andor).

Here’s the Season 13 synopsis:

Kicking off the new series is the show’s milestone 100th episode, in which Commissioner Selwyn Patterson celebrates fifty years of police service before being left fighting for his life as he’s dramatically shot by a mysterious assassin. As the team and island alike are left in despair, the question remains: will Selwyn survive? Elsewhere, across the rest of the series, Marlon confronts his future, Naomi lets loose to double date with Darlene, and Catherine finds herself embroiled in a murder case when an old friend becomes a suspect. New and returning faces arrive on Saint Marie, and Neville faces his biggest decision yet. Will our hapless detective finally get his happy ever after? There’s also a deadly game of bingo, a poisoning at a cookery competition, death during a blackout, and a mystifying murder in a lift.

Along with Little, Season 13 also stars series regulars Don Warrington as Com. Selwyn Patterson, Genesis Lynea as Selwyn’s daughter Andrina, Shantol Jackson as DS Naomi Thomas, Tahj Miles as PC Marlon Pryce, Ginny Holder as Trainee PC Darlene Curtis, and Élizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey. Guest stars include Hayley Mills and Kate Robbins (Unforgotten), Ronni Ancona (Last Tango in Halifax), Juliet Cowan (The Power), Michael Fenton Stevens (Hapless), Ben Wiggins (You), Kevin Garry (Ted Lasso), Taj Atwal (Hullraisers), Emma Naomi (Bridgerton), Elise Chappell (Poldark), Ali Ariaie (The Great), Eve Posonby (Carnival Row), Emma Sidi (Starstruck), Calvin Demba (The Rig), and Richard Lintern (Nolly).

Death in Paradise is a Red Planet Pictures production for the BBC made with the support of the region of Guadeloupe and internationally distributed by BBC Studios. The feature-length episode and Season 13 are executive produced by Tim Key and Ceri Meyrick for Red Planet Pictures and Danielle Scott-Haughton for BBC and produced by Joanna Hanley.

Death in Paradise Season 13 returns to the BBC on Sunday, February 4, and will run eight episodes. It is expected to stream on BritBox when it finishes its U.K. run, arriving at the very end of March or early April 2024.


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