David Tennant Narrates Soothing Anti-Stress Videos for Pets

The Tenth Doctor and an adorable kitten, courtesy of Tennant's time on "Doctor Who". (Photo: BBC)


Bonfire Night is almost upon us - that annual UK tradition which involves fireworks, general merrymaking and, yes, bonfires, all in celebration of that time that a 17th century plotter named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament and failed. As the description implies, the evening is filled with some fairly loud celebrations, all of which can terrify our beloved four-legged friends who have no idea what's going on. 

Luckily, the Doctor is here to help. 

Tenth Doctor David Tennant, continuing his general streak of being an all-around fantastic person, has partnered with MORE TH>N pet insurance to create soothing videos designed to help your cat or dog survive the terror of scary events like Bonfire Night. (And to be honest, this is all going to be quite useful for us Yanks when the Fourth of July rolls around again too, just FYI. )

The company collaborated with animal behaviorists and designed specific videos for each species that feature the colors, sights and sounds each animal prefers to feel safe. (The goal is to draw pets in and encourage them to fall asleep while watching.) And they're all narrated by Tennant, which is probably soothing for your animals, but will definitely make the humans in your household feel better. 

There's Peer Window for cats, which features an array of animated and inanimate objects, along with fish and swaying trees. (Not sure how effective the constant purring track in the background is? Maybe cats are into that.)


There's also Woofering Heights for dogs. This clip has been shot in a dog's colour vision, and includes both slow-moving pastoral scenery and a cast of sedentary dogs. 


How cute is this whole concept? 

Both clips loop for a while and are designed to be played several times to your pet that's suffering from noise phobia. Or, just for you, if you need the general stress-fighting effect of Tennant's actual Scottish accent. We won't tell anyone. 

Lacy Baugher

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