'Criminal Record's Fourth Episode was Chockfull of Shocking Reveals

Cush Jumbo as DS June Lenker is as shocked as we are in Criminal Record Season 1

Cush Jumbo as DS June Lenker in Criminal Record Season 1

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Well, friends, here we are at the halfway point of Criminal Record and Everything! Is! Happening! The fourth episode, entitled “Protected,” issued shocking reveal after shocking reveal. So, let’s get to it.

Warning! Spoilers for Criminal Record Episode 4 Abound! Many of them in Large Friendly Letters as Your Recapper Flails About Them!

Patrick’s girlfriend is Hegarty’s daughter, Lisa: WHAT?!?! 

All this time, we’ve seen Patrick, Adelaide’s son, with a girlfriend who truly cares for him. We’ve also seen Hegarty coming home late, cleaning up, and putting a blanket over someone asleep on the couch. I thought he was caring for someone who was not well. But no, he’s just picking up after his teenage daughter (something I know a little something about!). 

After talking to Errol’s mom when visiting his mother’s grave, a distraught Patrick goes to see Hegarty. Doris told Patrick, “We’re getting Errol home soon.” Patrick is confused. Hegarty is, much to our shock, a source of comfort for Patrick. “Do you want me to walk you back through it?” he asks Patrick as he goes over his version of what happened the day Patrick’s mom was murdered. Hegarty knows absolutely nothing about Lisa and Patrick dating. “What are you? Brain dead? He’ll lose his {expletive},” she texts him after seeing Patrick at her house. 

How did these two meet, and how long have they been keeping their relationship a secret? We also learned Doris tried to adopt Patrick but was unable to because she would not cut off contact with her son. 

Peter Capaldi as DCI Daniel Hegarty in the interrogation room in Criminal Record Season 1

Peter Capaldi as DCI Daniel Hegarty in Criminal Record Season 1

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We learned more about the night Adelaide died and Adelaide and Errol’s relationship: 

Adelaide and Errol were dating. According to Hegarty,  the couple had been having trouble and had a big fight. “People can say whatever they like, but I was there. Those are the facts,” Hegarty tells Patrick.

The mysterious original caller is identified... however, she does not want to be found: 

Someone sees the flyer Doris and her friends have put up. She recognizes the woman as Carla. Carla calls Sonya. “Forget who I am. You are going to get me killed.” Carla tells June and Sonya that the man she is so afraid of is protected. “Who’s protecting him?” June wonders.

June realizes one of Doris’s friends is an informant for Hegarty: 

June gets a call from one of the shelters. The woman working there tells her a male cop, who wouldn’t give his name, knows they’ve been looking for Carla. June calls Sonya. Who else knows they’ve been looking for Carla? Only Doris’s friends who have been helping her with Errol’s case. For eight years, Doris’s friend Latisha has been feeding information to Hegarty’s crony Tony Gilfoyle, who was the arresting officer when Latisha was arrested for shoplifting.  

Chloe turns on June: 

June, who has already drawn the attention of internal affairs, received a formal complaint that she had been bullying a colleague. Turns out it’s Chloe who has accussed her. It all stems back to Chloe giving June the pathology report for Maria DeSouza, the victim who was thrown out of the window in the show’s first episode. Chloe confesses that she was pushed into saying June bullied her to get access to the report. “We’re not all as Teflon as you,” she tells June. “You should see what they call you in the group chat.” Ouch! Chloe says she understands why June was chosen for the press conference. June is “Black but not too Black.” During this episode, Kim also refers to June as “Megan Markle.”

Aysha Kala as Sonya Singh and Cush Jumbo as DS June Lenker hash out clues in Criminal Record Season 1

Aysha Kala as Sonya Singh and Cush Jumbo as DS June Lenker in Criminal Record Season 1

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June finds the barber Errol claimed was his alibi:  

After realizing the name Mustafa can be spelled many different ways, June finds the barber Errol claimed he was with at the time Adelaide was being attacked. Mostapha now works at a car wash. He didn’t identify Errol because when the police showed him a lineup of pictures, all the Black men looked the same to Mostapha.  “I’m not racist. I swear,” he tells June. But once he saw Errol on TV, he began to doubt himself. “I think about it every day, what I did. Stupid. Tell him I’m so sorry for everything,” he tells June. Like me, Sonya wonders why suddenly Mostapha is confessing all of this. “Think he was relieved on some level to get it off his chest,” June tells her.

June’s car is set on fire: 

While returning from questioning Mostapha, June sees that her car is on fire. Hegarty tries to blame it on the gangs, who are upset that June is investigating the boy who was shot in the park. “I should never have put you in front of the cameras,” Hegarty tells her before taking her off the case. June isn’t buying it. How did the gang know where she was parked? “It’s a bit convenient, isn’t it,” she tells her boss.

June confronts Hegarty: 

I’m not going to lie. I don’t think this was the smartest move on June’s part. But she confronts Hegarty about Tony “running covert ops on a defenseless woman.” Hegarty puts her on speaker, so Kim and Tony can hear. He wants to know if June told anyone about the details of the emergency call and the idea that Errol is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit... She says no, she hasn’t. But we all know this is not true. “I will fucking have you,” he tells June. So, at least, we are done pretending to be friendly. 

The episode ends with someone tailing and photographing Hegarty. Is Hegarty truly evil or a cop who gets good results in questionable ways or something in between? He found the shooter in the park after the 17-year-old they arrested gave Hegarty the name. However, he gave Hegarty the name after he was beaten up and was in the prison infirmary. Did Hegarty order the hit on him to get the information he needed? We can’t rule it out. “Despite appearances, Dan is one of the good ones,” June’s boss tells her. But I remain unconvinced . . . as does June. 

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