Crime Drama 'The Long Call' to Premiere on Britbox This October

Ben Aldrich and Pearl Mackie in "The Long Call" (Photo: ITV)

Buzzy crime drama The Long Call is officially coming to Britbox this October - just a few short days after its initial U.K. broadcast wraps up.

The four-part series is based on the new "Two Rivers" series of novels from author Ann Cleeves, first published in 2019. She is likely best known to Anglophiles as the author of the books that went on to be adapted into the megapopular Vera and Shetland mystery series, and it looks as though this latest effort may well continue on in that successful vein. 

The Long Call follows the story of Detective Inspector Matthew Venn, who returns along with his husband Jonathan to the small North Devon community where he grew up - and which he hasn't seen in two decades after the strict evangelical community in which he was raised rejected him. While Matthew is ostensibly present to attend his father's funeral, he's also there to investigate a major crime. 

A body has been found on the beach - a man with a tattoo of an albatross on his neck - and he’s been stabbed to death. Matthew and his colleagues must unlock a case with no witnesses, no forensics, and no motive.

Fleabag's Ben Aldrich stars as DI Venn, alongside former Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie as DS Jen Rafferty, a tough and fiercely determined woman who has recently relocated to Devon with her two teenage kids, Ella and Ben. Riveria's Juliet Stevenson plays Matthew's mother Dorothy, with whom he obviously has a complicated history, and Inspector George Gently's Martin Shaw plays the leader of the area’s local Barum Brethren community.

Watch the trailer for yourselves below. 

The Long Call premieres on streaming service Britbox on Thursday, October 28, a mere three days after its finale airs in the U.K. on ITV.

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