BritBox's 'The Tower' Commissioned for Season 3, Titled "Gallowstree Lane"

Gemma Whelan, Tahirah Sharif, Jimmy Akingbola and Emmett J Scanlan in The Tower key art

Gemma Whelan, Tahirah Sharif, Jimmy Akingbola and Emmett J Scanlan in The Tower key art


ITV's The Tower, based on the Kate London mystery novels featuring her detective DS Sarah Collins, is officially coming back for a third season after the success of The Tower II: Death Message. The new season, The Tower 3: Gallowstree Lane, named after London's third novel, has been confirmed to be filming starting August 2023, just ahead of Season 2's debut on ITV1. (Seasons 1 and 2 have been available on streaming on ITVX in the U.K. and BritBox in the U.S. for a while now.) Though the ITV announcement does not confirm the new season will come to BritBox in the U.S., the show is rapidly becoming one of its reliable hits since initially picking it up in 2021.

The Tower's first season was well-timed. Based on London's 2015 debut novel, Post-Mortem, the case was based in police corruption that culminated with a woman's body falling from the top of an Estate tower block while the Grenfell Fire was still fresh in viewers' minds. Season 2, Death Message, based on the 2017 novel of the same name, which debuted on BritBox ahead of its U.K. arrival in May 2023, continued that story as Collins, now promoted, has to navigate the internal politics of her new job while also solving crimes assigned to her as punishment by those who weren't so keen on her exposing corruption ways.

Season 3, based on 2019's Gallowstree Lane (the last London novel written before it was picked up for series), will presumably follow the novel's plot, focusing on Collins' superior, DI Shaw. According to the book's synopsis, "Shaw likes the proper criminals, the ones who can plan things. As head of Operation Perseus - a covert police investigation into a powerful criminal network - Shaw is about to make the arrests of his career. But then the brutal murder of a teenager sends a shockwave through the very organization he has been targeting, threatening not only Shaw's case but everyone with a connection to the boy who was killed on Gallowstree Lane..."

There is no official synopsis for The Tower 3 as yet. However, screenwriter Patrick Harbinson stated in the press release:

We’re delighted to be filming a third series of The Tower.  Damien and I are very grateful to Polly Hill and ITV for the early commission. Gallowstree Lane has a high-stakes drugs and gangs storyline with Jimmy and Emmett’s characters taking major roles. Sarah and Lizzie have gripping and heart-breaking stories, too, as the drama of Portland Tower comes full circle. I firmly believe series three will be our best yet.

Season 3 will bring back all four leads from the first two seasons, with Gemma Whelan (Killing Eve) as DS Sarah Collins, Jimmy Akingbola (Kate & Koji) as DC Steve Bradshaw, Emmett J Scanlan (Peaky Blinders) as DI Kieran Shaw, and Tahirah Sharif (The Haunting of Bly Manor), who received a BAFTA nomination for her role as PC Lizzie Adama in Season 1. Harbinson will again pen all episodes (which will run four installments, same as Season 2) and executive produce via his Windhover Films in conjunction with ITV's Mammoth Screen.

The Tower 3: Gallowstree Lane is officially filming and is expected to be out in 2024.


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