Friendship Comedy 'Big Mood' to Debut on Tubi In April

Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West in "Big Mood"

Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West in "Big Mood"

(Photo: Tubi)

With the recent arrival of buzzy British series like Boarders and Dead Hot, Tubi is rapidly establishing itself as a home for underrated Anglophile-friendly content. For those who don’t know, Tubi is one of several FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) streamers that have risen to prominence in recent months. Like Amazon Freevee and The Roku Channel, Tubi offers a wide variety of free streaming programming targeted at various niche audiences. The streamer’s latest acquisition is the British comedy Big Mood, a series that boasts a cast of familiar faces and a heartfelt premise about friendship and the complexities of living life as a young woman with a serious mental illness. 

The series stars Nicola Coughlan (Bridgerton) and Lydia West (Inside Man) as best friends Maggie and Eddie, who have been each other’s ride-or-die for over a decade. But between the mounting problems of adulthood and Maggie’s increasing struggles to manage her bipolar disorder, their bond is tested in new and challenging ways. 

“I’m ecstatic that Big Mood will soon be arriving stateside with Tubi, although I’m also partially convinced it’s a prank played by a cabal of my enemies, because it seems quite a lot too good to be true,” creator Camilla Whitehill said in a statement. “I’m hoping America loves it and that they name an airport after me, which is way more likely over there because they have more airports than us.”

Alongside Coughlan and West, the series’ ensemble cast includes Niamh Cusack (Archie), Eamon Farren (The Dig), Luke Fetherston (Still Up), Kate Fleetwood (The Wheel of Time), Rob Gilbert (The Burning Girls), Rebecca Lowman (Fatal Attraction), Sally Phillips (Hapless), Ukweli Roach (Annika), Amalia Vitale (Beyond Paradise).  

Here’s the series synopsis. 

Best friends Maggie and Eddie have lived in each other’s pockets for ten years, through thick, thin, and multiple challenging eyebrow trends. But with the rest of their lives looming, careers hanging in the balance, and Maggie’s bipolar disorder making an unwelcome return to form, Eddie begins to question whether this friendship is really in their best interests. It’s a pivotal point in both their lives, bringing to the surface those all-important questions – could sleeping with your former History teacher be the key to happiness? Is a basement Rat Hotel a functional alternative to pest control? How do you stop your new psychiatrist giving you worry dolls? With their twenties behind them, Maggie and Eddie’s relationship faces the future – can it survive?

“Big Mood is a powerful series that is unapologetically authentic,” Adam Lewinson, Tubi’s Chief Content Officer, said in a statement. “In the hands of creator Camilla Whitehill and director Rebecca Asher, Nicola and Lydia give beautifully painful and comedic portrayals that are rooted in truth. With the much-welcomed addition of Big Mood to our slate of relevant comedies, Tubi is doubling down on content that appeals to our fastest-growing segment of young and diverse viewers.”

The series is executive produced by Lotte Beasley Mestriner (The Young Offenders), Laurence Bowen (The Salisbury Poisonings), and Chris Carey (Crossfire) for Dancing Ledge Productions and produced by Georgie Fallon (The Following Events are Based on a Pack of Lies). The casting director is Lauren Evans (Sex Education). The series was commissioned for Channel 4 in the U.K. by Commissioning Editor Laura Riseam.

Big Mood will premiere on Tubi on Friday, April 19, 2024.

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