Amazing Internet Things: Jimmy Fallon Takes Us Back to “Downton Sixbey”

Now that we’re well into Downton Abbey Series 3, late night host Jimmy Fallon has brought back his hilarious parody of everyone’s favorite costume drama, Downton Sixbey.  In fact, Fallon’s been so on top of his game the past couple of weeks that there are two new episodes of the skit, which both offer send-ups of various Downton plot points from this season, including the Crawley’s money troubles and a family wedding.

While some of the humor in these skits is a bit…well, I imagine Carson would refer to it as low-brow, Fallon’s re-imagining of the characters and events of the popular British soap is hard to resist. Click through for a look at the next two installments in Downton Sixbey – and here’s hoping there are more to come in honor of Series 3 wrapping up. 

Much like their television counterparts in Yorkshire, the residents of Dowton Sixbey have also fallen on hard times financially, due to some poor investments in bad restaurant franchises and unfortunate fad products such as the Shake Weight. This forces everyone to economize to somewhat hilarious (and gross) results. Also, honestly, Brooke Shields impression of Elizabeth McGovern could not be more spot on.

[This video is no longer available.]

Episode 4 brings us wedding preparations, eavesdropping and a complicated past for Mr. Higgins. Unfortunately, Whoopi Goldberg does not get nearly enough to do, but maybe someone can correct that when we get around to Episode 5. 

[This video is no longer available.]


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