5 Shows to Stream on PBS Passport in September 2022

Marc Warren and Maimie McCoy in 'Van der Valk' Season 2

The early days of September are traditionally a pledge time for most PBS stations, but that doesn't mean a complete absence of new programming. Though the big titles won't arrive until October, there's plenty to stream on PBS Passport and available on the PBS app through the early fall for viewers to catch up on, including the late August release of Guilt Season 2. New titles are also on the way, including new shows and seasons from Walter Presents and Great Performances' brand-new Shakespearean ballet.

So, what British shows and movies are coming to PBS Passport this September? Let's run down the biggest titles arriving this month.

The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family

A late August arrival, The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family is the 2021 three-parter from the BBC. The series is a hybrid historical drama mixed with a docuseries exploring the ambitions of the Boleyn family and the rise and fall of Anne's fortunes. Each episode arrives on streaming as it airs on linear. The first episode is on PBS Passport now, with Episodes 2 and 3 coming on consecutive Sundays. 

La Otra Mirada (A Different View) Season 1

The big debut from Walter's Choice is La Otra Mirada, the two-season Spanish drama series that ran from 2018-2019. The series boasts an all-star lineup, including Macarena García, Patricia López Arnaiz, and Ana Wagener, among others. Set in a 1920s academy for young ladies in Seville, this feminist series begins with the arrival of a new teacher with a secret objective and a desire to shake up the "old ways" taught to the girls who attend. All episodes debut on PBS Passport on Sept. 15.

Great Performances "Black Lucy and The Bard"

Great Performances can be hit or miss on PBS Passport (they turn up on the PBS App and PBS.org consistently, though.) But this month's big debut, the ballet Black Lucy & The Bard, is a big enough title to hit all the PBS streaming devices. The Nashville Ballet suite reimagines the mysterious love life of William Shakespeare through the perspective of the "Dark Lady," for whom he wrote many of his sonnets. The ballet streams on PBS Passport starting Sept. 16.

Seaside Hotel Season 5

The Walter's Choice favorite, Seaside Hotel, is back with another season. PBS Passport is adding Season 5 to the ongoing lineup. The new season covers the ongoing interwar years from 1932 to 1933, as the world begins to heat up again on its path to World War II. Though things are still idyllic and the world far away, the changes aren't far off as the very wealthy August Molin arrives from Copenhagen with his Swedish wife. All episodes arrive on PBS Passport on Sept. 22.

Van der Valk Season 2

The long-awaited return of Masterpiece's remake of Van der Valk is finally here after a two-year absence. Based on the Nicolas Freeling crime thrillers, this reboot does not directly tie back to the 1970s/1990 version but reimagines the detective for the 21st century. Like Season 1, the new installment will run for three feature-length episodes, with three different mysteries for Piet van der Valk (Marc Warren) and his crew to tackle. All three episodes stream on PBS Passport on Sept. 25.

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