10 British Shows To Stream In June of 2021

(Photo courtesy Masterpiece/BBC 2020)

Summer is rolling in, and so are the new summer series on streaming. Once again, it's an array of offerings from across the internet, including several titles coming to PBS Passport and yet another service getting ahold of the rights to Downton Abbey.

So, what's coming to the U.S. in British TV this June? Let's run down the biggest titles arriving this month.

PBS Passport

Halifax: Retribution

With the arrival of summer, PBS Passport starts stocking up on series that won't make it to linear, or will eventually, just not now. June 1 sees the arrival of the first of these, Halifax: Retribution. This seven-episode mini-series stars Rebecca Gibney as forensic psychiatrist Jane Halifax from the Australian Halifax f.p. series, which ran on and off in the 90s and early aughts.

Set in the present-day (the mini-series aired overseas in 2020), Halifax returns to handle a sniper case that ties back to an earlier case.

Monty Python: Best Bits Celebrated

Everyone needs some Monty Python now and again. Monty Python: Best Bits Celebrated is not a clip show but a docu-series celebrating the groundbreaking comedy, hosted by Downton Abbey star and confessed Python nut, Hugh Bonneville. All five episodes are available on PBS Passport starting June 5.


Masterpiece's two-part family dramedy, Us, stars Tom Hollander as a man who discovers his marriage dissolved when he wasn't paying attention. It debuts on linear on Sunday, June 20, and airs over a two-week period, but fans can binge both episodes (four hours in total) starting the day of the premiere.


Downton Abbey

NBC's Peacock had Downton Abbey on lock for a while, but everyone's getting access to the series since that exclusive lifted. Just in time for its 10th anniversary, all six seasons of Masterpiece's hit show will turn up on Netflix starting June 1. Please note, these are only the TV show episodes. The movie remains a Peacock exclusive, as will the sequel.

The A-List Season 2

The A-List initially debuted on BBC iPlayer as a streaming-only series in 2018 but didn't get a lot of traction until Netflix bought it up along with the rights to make more the following year, which was then delayed by the pandemic.

Starring Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia, the show features a summer camp island full of dark and scary secrets. Spooky. Season 2 will reduce the episode count from 13 to eight, all of which arrive on June 25.

AMC+/Sundance Now

The Gulf Season 2

AMC+ doesn't have much this month in the way of British debuts, other than a bunch of Queen Elizabeth specials tied to the birthday weekend.

On the other hand, Sundance Now has a new season of The Gulf, a psychological mystery hailing from New Zealand and starring Kate Elliott (Wentworth) as Detective Jess Savage. As she recovers from the car crash that killed her husband at the end of Season 1, a new lead on a cold case gives her a focus. The first episode premieres on June 3, with one a week to follow.

Acorn TV

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 2

The 1960s version of Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is back for a second round. The series, which started on Australia's ABC before getting rescued and renewed by Acorn TV.

Starring Geraldine Hakewill as Peregrine Fisher and Joel Jackson as Detective James Steed, Season 2 will once again consist of four episodes. This time, they'll run a more manageable 45 minutes a pop instead of feature-length. The first episode debuts on June 7 with one a week to follow.

The Sommerdahl Murders Season 2

The Danish series The Sommerdahl Murders was part of last year's North American exclusive premieres for Acorn TV. Based on Anna Grue's bestselling crime mysteries, Peter Mygind (Darkness-Those Who Kill) plays DCI Dan Sommerdahl, with André Babikian (The Protectors) as his partner DS Flemming Torp, and Laura Drasbæk (Park Road), as his wife, Marianne, a criminal technician.

The new eight-episode season covering four cases will air weekly starting June 21.


The Syndicate: Double or Nothing

Britbox continues its slow pivot to more originals with dramedy The Syndicate: Double or Nothing. Facing layoffs, the staff of Woodvale Kennels, led by Keeley (Katherine Rose Morely, Last Tango in Halifax), turn to the lottery to buy out the owners. But when they win, things suddenly go sideways. All six episodes arrive on June 1.


Britbox's thriller this month is Intruder, starring Elaine Cassidy (The Paradise) and Tom Meeten (The Ghoul) as a wealthy couple who accidentally kill a teenage thief during a home invasion. Rather than take their lumps, the couple attempt to restage the scene and get away with murder. All four episodes arrive on June 15.