'The Great British Baking Show' Winner Nadiya Hussain Has a New Netflix Series

Nadiya in the "Time to Eat" trailer (Photo: Netflix/YouTube)
Nadiya in the "Time to Eat" trailer (Photo: Netflix/YouTube)

Former The Great British Baking Show winner Nadiya Hussain will soon be cooking on our television screens again - in a brand new series headed to Netflix.

Entitled Nadiya's Time to Eat, the show will feature simple, inexpensive recipes that any home level of cook - from beginner to expert - can make. Her main focus is to offer helpful tips to cook well-rounded family meals that are quick to prepare and work for people on a budget.

Nadiya, who won the Season 3 of The Great British Baking Show - or the sixth, if you're counting the seasons by their British Bake Off numbers - and remains one of the most popular champions in series history. Since winning the series, she's made frequent appearances on the BBC and has released several books, including a memoir, Finding My Voice, and the cookbook that gives her Netflix series its name, Time to Eat.

"To make more space for the things that really matter, I’ve stopped feeling guilty about taking shortcuts and I’ve started to embrace every cheat in the book," she's says in the show's trailer. "In this series, I’ll show you how to rustle-up amazing, stress-free recipes using my cheeky time-smart hacks, so you can free up time to do the things you love with the people you love."

Given that we're all staying home more these days - and looking for ways to use what's in our cabinets and pantries, well. This effort seems perfectly time. 

Watch the trailer below.


Nadiya's Time to Eat drops on Netflix beginning Wednesday, April 29. She's previously starred in The Chronicles of Nadiya for the BBC, a docuseries in which she journeyed to Bangladesh to learn about her culinary heritage, and has two more series in the works for the corporation, Nadyia Bakes and Nadiya's American Melting Pot. Fingers crossed we see both of those efforts on our side of the pond when they debut. 

Will you give Time to Eat a look? Was Nadiya a Baking Show favorite of yours? Let's discuss in the comments.