‘Victoria’s’ Jenna Coleman to Star in BBC Drama ‘The Cry’

Jenna Coleman in a first look production still from "The Cry" (Photo: BBC)
Jenna Coleman in a first look production still from "The Cry" (Photo: BBC)

Victoria star Jenna Coleman will leave her crown and period costume behind for a little while, in order to take on the lead role in upcoming four-part BBC psychological drama called The Cry.

Based on the 2013 novel by Helen FitzGeraldThe Cry tells the story of a young woman named Joanna, whose baby is abducted - the consequences of which change her life forever. 

The official BBC synopsis goes into a little bit more detail:

Joanna (Coleman) and her husband Alistair deal with unthinkable tragedy under the white light of public scrutiny and in their private lives when their newborn baby is abducted from a small coastal town in Australia - changing their lives and their marriage forever. It is the catalyst for a journey into the disintegrating psychology of a young woman, exposing the myths and truths of motherhood.

Actor Ewan Leslie, who recently starred opposite Nicole Kidman in Top of the Lake: China Girl, will play Joanna’s husband, Alistair. The larger ensemble cast also includes Sophie Kennedy Clark, Alex Dimitriades and Shareena Clanton

“I first read Jacquelin Perske's script on a plane, it felt like walking a tightrope, racing page to page, unsettling, unknowable, uncomfortable, and thrilling,” Coleman said of the project. “I look forward to tackling this challenge and bringing it to the screen with such a talented team.”

Before anyone gets concerned, Coleman will also continue in her role as the young Victoria on ITV’s popular period drama of the same name. Victoria has already been renewed for a third season, which will film at some point later this year. (If Season 2 production is anything to go by, probably at some point in the spring. That’s a total guess though; please don’t send me hatemail if I am wrong.)

The BBC released a first look image at Coleman in The Cry, wherein in appears that the actress decided to go a bit lighter haircolor-wise for this role:

Production on The Cry  is currently under way in Melbourne, Australia. It is the first scripted television commission for Scottish-based production company Synchronicity Films.

There’s no official timetable yet for when we might see The Cry on our screens, or what American network or distributor might pick this show up and bring it to the U.S. But, it’s early days yet, so plenty of time for that news to come later. (Or, at least, I hope so. I’m really rooting for Coleman to become the big star she deserves to be. Plus, I'd just like to watch this.)

Thoughts on The Cry? Sound interesting, or too like something you’ve seen before? Let’s discuss in the comments.